UVC base Sanitization & Monitoring

UVCie Room Disinfection

Introducing UVCie, a room disinfection device, which uses a cost-effective solution of UV germicidal irradiation to clear out every trace of the airborne virus, bacteria, and fungi from surfaces. This device has been designed in such a way that even a moderate level of UVGI exposure is enough to make harmful micro-organisms vulnerable.

  • Wifi-enabled with cloud support
  • Remotely accessible through a phone or a PC
  • Digital timer to easily set sanitizing cycle time
  • Motion sensors to control the running disinfection cycle
  • Motion sensors and wireless door sensor integration

Features of UVCie

  • Easy to control Dose based on Room Size
  • Built in mast handles for help in moving the unit.
  • Digital Timer/Counter to set actual sanitizing cycle time
  • 6 infrared motion sensors to automatically shut off device if someone enters the room during the disinfection cycle.
  • Four wheel light weight design to make it easy to transport the device from room to room. Two wheel castor can be locked in place.
  • Top Green LED indicates different status of operation.
  • Remote Operation With the Smartphone as well as remote PC
  • RF Door sensor support to stop Cycle based on Door Event
  • Maintain Burnt hour count to set disinfected based on age of light
  • WiFi enable device to connect with cloud


  • Dimension: 550mmX550mmX1900mm
  • UV-C Tube : 6 Nos of 30W at bottom and 6NOs of 15W at Top
  • 254.5nm Wavelength
  • Aluminum Material with reflective coating
  • Power Source 120/230 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power ON Indicator Illuminated Switch
  • Power Rating: 150W/300W

The UV-C can be Used for the following Environments

Religious Places
Corporate Spaces

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