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Introducing Tempie, a thermal detection shield for monitoring and collecting your employee’s temperature. A contactless product which not only caters to providing absolute access control but also gives you real-time attendance of your employees. It does it while removing every safety-related bottleneck along the way.

  • Supports the FOTA update
  • Inbuilt memory of 10000 logs
  • Supports a web tool for reporting
  • Optional Communication via Wifi, Ethernet, & GSM Network
  • RFID tech for attendance collecting
  • IR temperature sensor for heat signatures
  • Short Green Beep - Normal Temperature
  • Long Red Alert - High Temperature

TEMPie with Facial Recognition

‘Tempie with Facial Recognition’ is an upgraded, more sophisticated version of its predecessor. With a smarter solution, making use of Facial Recognition for attendance and temperature checking, Tempie’s upgraded version offers a faster thermal screening mechanism. It also offers real-time data sync up and alarm indication through an android application, making it easier for your employees to monitor their working environment.

  • Supports RFID Access
  • Supports the FOTA update
  • Supports third-party Dashboard integration
  • Supports 2G/4G cellular GSM and Ethernet
  • Automatic temperature readings using a PIR sensor
  • Short Green Beep - Normal Temperature
  • Long Red Alert - High Temperature

TEMPie Dashboard

The GUI of our dashboard has been designed to cater to the monitoring and control needs of Tempie and Tempie with Facial Recognition. It gives every real-time information about the whereabouts of installed devices, employee management, client management, and activity log. Being designed as user-friendly makes it easy to add or remove any information as per the requirements.

Features of Dashboard
  • Access Control
  • HR Control
  • Security Feature
  • Temperature Reading List
  • Master Reading


Contact thermometers and Handheld digital Thermometers are common methods used to measure temperature of Human body. However, these have significant disadvantages. .

Risk of close contact

Traditional systems require an operator to go near the patient to check the fever exposing themselves in the process.

Low efficiency

Dependency on operator is very high, results cannot be trusted, Poor Accuracy(3° C)

No Traceability

No records or data saving for future reference, Manual error in measurement could be fatal

Cost of Operation

Manpower requirement is high which leads to high operation costs


Automated operator-less Fever Detection systems are far more efficient, safe and reliable solution & can work in External/Outdoor environment.

Autonomous Detection
  • Our complete Contactless solution doesn’t require any person to go near the possible fever patient. The detection is automatic, fast and risk free.
  • Complete Plug & Play Solution
Highly Efficient & Accurate

With our Super Fast Measurement solution (0.5 Sec), Chances of human error is completely minimized along with having best in class accuracy(0.5° C).

Data Storage and Reporting
  • Web Dashboard for Real-time Temperature data saved
  • Automated reports can be generated in excel word formats
Integration Support
  • On Premise Deployment Support
  • Integration to Access Control Devices/Gate Barriers/Magnetic Doors etc.
  • Integration to Attendance Systems/Token Systems etc.


Railway Stations
Religious Places
Offices & Plants
Schools & Colleges
Hotels & Restaurants
Auditoriums & Clubs

Why TEMPie?

Contactless Plug & Play

Contactless Plug & Play Certified Device with External/Outdoor environment Use

Higher Accuracy

Higher Accuracy (0.5° C) compared to other Imported brands (2-3° C)

In house manufacturing

In house manufacturing and Calibration, with certifications

Software & Hardware customization

Software & Hardware customization with Integration to Attendance Systems/Access Control Devices

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